Preeth.P.G - { Technical Artist / Tech. Animator}

I am currently working as a Lead Technical Artist at Exigent3D. My job is to bridge the gap between artists and programmers. I am responsible for Rigging Characters, scripting custom plug-in for Artist/Animator, programming the animation system.

Check out my portfolio

My Portfolio Demo

Below are my demo reel on Technical art, Rigging and the Game that I had designed and coded

Technical Art Reel

Rigging Reel

Download Scripts

I have put up some of the scripts (Mel, Maxscripts) I had created during my spare time.

Max Scripts:

1. Path Node Offset [ DOWNLOAD ] [ VIDEO ]

2. Snap2Object [ DOWNLOAD ] [ VIDEO ]

3. Biped Animation Manager [ DOWNLOAD ]

MEL Scripts:

1. MAX Skinning Weight Tool for maYa [ DOWNLOAD ] [ VIDEO ]

2. Maya Unit Check [ DOWNLOAD ]

Download / View my resume

Preeth Resume PDF [ DOWNLOAD ]

Linkedin Profile [ VIEW ]


For more information Please contact me.